Why I’m Wedded to My Blackberry™

Who says high-tech products don’t evoke the same emotional response as traditional consumer brands?

I love my Blackberry.

It wakes me up in the morning with a few gentle beeps, let’s me quickly peruse my morning e-mails in bed, reminds me of my meetings, let’s me text message with a QWERTY keyboard and syncs up to my Outlook calendar and task list with a click of a button.

I don’t even have the new Blackberry Pearl, which makes the old Blackberry look big and clunky. Nor do I have integrated speakerphone, but I like the fact that I can connect a Bluetooth speakerphone to my car visor or prop it on my desk for hands-free conversations.

Despite all the bad press during RIM’s patent infringement lawsuit this past year, I never considered jumping ship. Why?

A classic case of brand loyalty. In delivering an efficient mobile e-mail/phone solution to me when no one else could, they hooked me. My Blackberry isn’t just a technology device, it has become an extension of me. I even put up with T-mobile’s customer support telephone triage, because when I finally escalate to a Blackberry RIM specialist, I’ll be with best and the brightest.

Blackberry, you’ve really got a hold on me!


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