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Four Myths About Personal Branding

ShareMyth #1: Social media and personal branding are synonymous. It’s true that social media can amplify your personal brand quickly. But, whether it does it effectively is dependent on your decisions about the value you want your brand to deliver. …
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Mark J. Mannis, M.D., Professor and Chair, UC Davis Health System Eye Center

Share“Karen’s services in our vision and branding process were invaluable. In a short amount of time, she got extraordinarily well prepared, then guided our faculty very successfully through the workshop process and the following vision statement drafting process.”

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Stanley J. Rosenschein, Founder & CEO, Quindi

ShareWe recently hired Karen Kang to do a positioning project at Quindi, on the recommendation of a colleague. Karen proposed her “MINI” format for the project, and it worked perfectly for us. In an intensive series of meetings she was …
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New Ways of Doing Business in a Recession

Share We are in a global recession of huge magnitude.  Businesses need to adapt their businesses in order to compete.  I am no exception.  Few companies have endless time and money to spend on positioning and brand strategies.  For smaller …
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Why Refresh a Brand?

Share Once you have a brand, with your visual branding, messages and reputation, why change it? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, for many of us, our branding may not work as well for us over time. I’m …
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