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5 Biggest Branding Mistakes

Share 1)Branding without positioning.That’s like building a house without a foundation. Positioning makes clear your target audience, category, value proposition and differentiation. Without it, your brand will have no rational support—no reason for being. 2)Branding without a strategy.That’s like building …
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Marketing in a Downturn Is Key to Survival

Share I met with my financial advisor recently, and he asked me why I was doing so well in this terrible recession when other consultants were hurting for business. My answer: Marketing and Branding.  I know we marketers will always …
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The Personal Branding Tsunami and 7/11/09 Workshop

ShareThis is the year of Personal Branding. The perfect storm of economic crisis and social media adoption has led to a Tsunami wave of interest in personal branding for career advancement. My calendar has been very busy with Personal Branding …
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