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What’s your Executive Branding IQ?

Share Executives with strong personal brands make better leaders. People want to follow leaders who are sure of who they are, show passion for what they believe in and can communicate their vision and value. Executives build leadership brand equity …
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Brand Education, Not Promotion

ShareIs promoting oneself in bad taste?  In almost every seminar I give on personal branding, some participant says that he or she is uncomfortable with self-marketing or promotion.  Often the person is female or Asian, and their cultural values promote …
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Personal Branding From the Heart

Share Top: CerebrateSV Hike at Mt. Madonna; Bottom: Publisher Mitchell Levy, Karen Kang (me) and Melbourne Social Media Expert Kate Kendall I re-learned three things this weekend: Listen to your heart Your core values drive personal branding Deep relationships with a …
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10 Personal Branding Tips for Professionals

Share 1.  Identify your desired professional brand (what you want to be known for) The best personal brands provide value to others, and connect on a rational and on an emotional level Rational Value: Your job function, expertise, experience and …
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How to Build a Sustainable Brand

ShareThe best way to define a sustainable brand is to explain what a non-sustainable brand is. What is not sustainable is for a company to think it can maintain a brand through advertising when it fails to deliver on its …
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Can Video Help You in Personal Branding?

Share Recently while doing a Personal Branding seminar at Stanford University, I was was surprised by the overwhelmingly favorable reaction to my Karen Kang Consulting website video (, which was shown as an example. Basically, the room full of Continuing …
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What Brand Visuals Say About You

Share Some of my Twitter friends have recently changed their profile pictures. It was somewhat disconcerting for me because I recognize their posts by their pictures, not their harder-to-see Twitter names. But, it got me thinking about branding—brand visuals or …
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5 Biggest Branding Mistakes

Share 1)Branding without positioning.That’s like building a house without a foundation. Positioning makes clear your target audience, category, value proposition and differentiation. Without it, your brand will have no rational support—no reason for being. 2)Branding without a strategy.That’s like building …
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Marketing in a Downturn Is Key to Survival

Share I met with my financial advisor recently, and he asked me why I was doing so well in this terrible recession when other consultants were hurting for business. My answer: Marketing and Branding.  I know we marketers will always …
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The Personal Branding Tsunami and 7/11/09 Workshop

ShareThis is the year of Personal Branding. The perfect storm of economic crisis and social media adoption has led to a Tsunami wave of interest in personal branding for career advancement. My calendar has been very busy with Personal Branding …
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