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Branding for Entrepreneurs: When and How Should You Start?

ShareAs an entrepreneur, you have to prioritize your time and money because you have precious little of both. Many entrepreneurs place developing their product and getting funded as their top priorities. They don’t realize that branding will help them reach …
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Six Triggers for Refreshing Your Personal Brand

ShareThe world is dynamic. Your brand needs to keep up with the times. If the world is talking about social marketing and you only do broadcast advertising, your reputation as a current marketer will suffer. You need to position yourself …
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Asian-Americans Can Overcome Personal Branding Challenges: An Interview with Doreen Woo Ho

ShareDoreen Woo Ho is a successful executive with a fascinating career. She is a former Time Magazine foreign correspondent and longtime banking executive with Citicorp, Wells Fargo and United Commercial Bank, where she served as President and CEO.  While retired from any …
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Fix the Fundamentals Before Personal Branding

SharePersonal branding, done right, can deliver powerful results in visibility and differentiation.  But, if you have fundamental weaknesses in your skill set or experience, amplifying your message could hinder rather than help you. An old maxim goes: Nothing kills a …
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You Need to Reinvent Your Personal Brand

ShareA tough job market and economy has increased the need to reinvent your personal brand. You may have 10 different jobs and multiple careers in the span of your lifetime. Adaptability is key to thriving in your career. We’ve seen …
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What’s your Executive Branding IQ?

Share Executives with strong personal brands make better leaders. People want to follow leaders who are sure of who they are, show passion for what they believe in and can communicate their vision and value. Executives build leadership brand equity …
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