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True Blue Returns

In February 2007, I wrote a newsletter/blog entitled “Full to Empty: The Jet Blue Brand” on the airline’s fall from grace, but I predicted that strong brand loyalty and excellent crisis response would buy them a second chance. Not only did Jet Blue get another chance, but the brand recovered more quickly than one could imagine.

On June 19, 2007, J.D. Powers and Associates announced that Jet Blue earned the highest marks for carrier performance for all domestic airlines, and had the highest rating in customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers.

A blogger on Topix posted this comment on the same day as the announcement: “This is no surprise to me. Loyal passengers have short memories when it comes to having a negative experience, (even a major one) with an airline they really like. People simply love to fly this airline, including me.”

Having taken four Jet Blue flights to the East Coast and back to San Jose in April and May, you can also count me as a “True Blue” flyer.