Be the Brander-In-Chief

Too many CEOs leave branding up to their marketing or branding staff. Company marketers can develop visual branding and brand campaigns, but the CEO must be involved when deciding what the brand means. That is, the core values of the brand, what the brand should be associated with, and the personality and character of the brand. The CEO is the company’s most visible representative of the brand, therefore, the CEO and the brand strategy must be aligned.

Walk, Talk and Live the Brand

As the CEO, you must ensure that the brand represents the company’s core values, and that the entire company walks, talks and lives the brand. The company brand can be a wonderful motivator, empowering employees to think creatively about how their jobs further the brand experience for customers, partners and all other stakeholders. But the message must be clear. And it must come from the top. To have a successful brand, you must be the Brander-in-Chief.


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