New Ways of Doing Business in a Recession

istock_colorful-innovation5We are in a global recession of huge magnitude.  Businesses need to adapt their businesses in order to compete.  I am no exception.  Few companies have endless time and money to spend on positioning and brand strategies.  For smaller companies that need help but don’t have the budget, I’ve developed a new service offering for start-ups called The MINI.  It delivers rapid positioning and messages in a fast, bite-sized module. 

With high unemployment and job worries growing, there’s been a tremendous interest in personal branding to boost one’s career.  To answer that demand, I’ve developed a series of personal branding seminars that have gotten rave reviews from the likes of the National Retail Federation, Sun, Asian Business League and SD Forum.  Large companies are now asking me to do seminars for their managers and employees to help them position themselves inside and outside their companies.  It’s a win-win since personal branding helps employees get ahead in their careers, and companies enjoy the benefits of their employees gaining a stronger industry reputation.

As you can see, with tectonic shifts in the business environment, there is huge opportunity.  This example of how I’m leveraging change in my business is something every business can and must do.


Let me know how your business has taken advantage of the down economy to innovate and adapt.


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