You Need to Reinvent Your Personal Brand

A tough job market and economy has increased the need to reinvent your personal brand. You may have 10 different jobs and multiple careers in the span of your lifetime. Adaptability is key to thriving in your career.

We’ve seen it again and again in technology when the old makes way for the new. Music tapes to CDs to iPods and digital music services are just one example.

In business, changing business models and corporate cultures give rise to the need for different leadership attributes. If you are in a company whose core value is innovation, you need to update your skill set and your mindset accordingly. Soft skills such as empathy, agility, collaboration and communication become equally important as hard skills that you learned with your college degrees or on the job.

The question is: are you perceived as “old technology” or “new technology”? Do your online profiles reflect the new skills and leadership attributes required today?

If your answers are: “old technology” and “no,” it’s clear that you need to reinvent your brand. This blog is devoted to helping people and companies brand themselves. Post your questions, and let’s have a conversation.


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