New Rules for Personal Branding in a Social World: Video Series From My Stanford Talk Part 1

I’m kicking off the New Year with a series of 11 short video lessons gleaned from my recent MBA talk at Stanford Graduate School of Business. The topic is “How to Brand Yourself to Compete in a Social World.”

Each week I’ll be releasing new videos based on my Stanford seminar. So stay tuned via this blog, our BrandingPays Facebook page or follow me @KarenKang on Twitter for the latest installments.

Each video provides valuable lessons on how to brand yourself in an uncharted social world that is breaking the rules about professional behavior and career rebranding. The opportunities are great for those willing to adapt to the times.

I encourage you to follow along with my book, BrandingPays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand, available in hardcover and ebook.

Here’s a quick rundown of the first three videos.

Video Lesson #1: BrandingPays Five-Step System Overview

I share the framework on how you can become your own brand manager. The five-step system includes positioning, messaging, developing a brand strategy, identifying your ecosystem and creating an action plan. Watch the video.

Video Lesson #2: Positioning for Leadership (with Example)

Position yourself by finding the gap you can fill and the niche you can own. Be bold and creative. You can reframe customer requirements, like the theater major who bested the computer nerds to get a job at her school’s computer lab by reframing the skills required as more customer service than technology. Watch the video.

Video Lesson #3: Rebrand for a New Career (with Example)

New technologies and ways of doing business are obsolescing traditional skills and jobs. Many professionals are scrambling to stay relevant and position themselves for new opportunities. In this video, I illustrate how to rebrand as you move from a traditional career to an emerging field, specifically, an example of an investment banker who wants to be in impact investing. Watch the video.


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