New Rules for Personal Branding in a Social World: Video Series From My Stanford Talk Part 2

Personal branding has never been more important than today. We live at a time when new technologies and business models have converged to open a never-before-seen world of opportunity. Are you ready to brand yourself to compete in a social world?

This is the second installment of videos from my Stanford Graduate School of Business talk on personal branding. Each video is only a minute or two and provides an important lesson in being seen and remembered in a digital world.

See last week’s blog for the first three videos.

A rundown of the video lessons for today:

Video Lesson #4: Clear Messaging…Forget Laundry Lists!

Be clear about your goal and message around it. People are only going to remember one or two things about you. Watch the video.

Video Lesson #5: LinkedIn Headlines…A Split Second to Make an Impression

Hiring managers spend a second (or two, if you’re lucky) before making a decision on LinkedIn. Here are tips on how to make an impression just by revising your LinkedIn headline. Watch the video.

Video Lesson #6: Be Found on Page One of Google Search or You Don’t Exist

Create a LinkedIn profile or even your own website domain to show up in Google search. You need to be found. Watch the video.

For more information on personal branding, read my book BrandingPays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand, available in hardcover and ebook.


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