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New Rules for Personal Branding in a Social World: Video Series From My Stanford Talk Part 4

What is your ecosystem and how do you create relationships with those who influence perceptions about your brand? Once you have your brand positioning and messaging strategy, how do you communicate it? Find out in our fourth installment of videos from my Stanford Graduate School of Business talk on personal branding. Each video provides a short, but important lesson in how to brand yourself.

See last week’s blog entitled “New Rules for Personal Branding in a Social World: Part 3 [1]” for videos on how to develop a brand strategy and brand attributes for a leadership image.

Today’s video lessons:

Video Lesson #9: Leverage the Ecosystem for Brand Reputation

Be clear about what you want to be known for and figure out how you can provide value. Only then can you leverage the ecosystem to help endorse your brand. Watch the video [2].

Video Lesson #10: Take Action to Build Your Personal Brand

Here are ideas on how to communicate your brand on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, leverage content and be consistent in word and image. Watch the video [3].

For more information on personal branding, read my book BrandingPays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand, available in hardcover [4] and ebook [5].