Reinvention: A Personal Branding Journey


When I meet new people, I love hearing their stories—how they got to where they are today and what makes them tick.  Human interest is just that—interesting.  Those human touches are what stick in one’s mind.

I remember one personal branding client who was a football captain for a Division I university, an achievement that signaled he was a leader, goal-oriented and performance-driven.  The fact that he had to fight to get his starting position back after knee surgery told me he had grit and character.  Another story that I recall is a Latina who grew up in an East Texas family of farm workers, attained an Ivy League degree, and made a difference for underrepresented students through college counseling.  These are people I remember, like and feel good about helping.

Humanize Yourself: You Are More Than a Resume

When developing your personal brand, don’t forget to humanize yourself.  You are not just your resume of work experiences and skills.  What sets you apart are your values, how you give back to the world and engage—areas best demonstrated not through a boast, but through a story and how you act.

Think through your own narrative.  What is most compelling about who you are and how you think?  How can you package this in a way that meets your branding goals?  Is there a story you can tell that demonstrates your values and character?  The former football captain no longer shies away from his past but brings it up in appropriate conversations to help underscore his strength and character, and to make him more memorable.  Sales reps may be a dime a dozen but a high-performing Division I football captain makes an impression.  Recently, he won a great new job and used his sports background to make a point about his determination, collaborative skills and drive.

We all have a narrative.  Video is a great medium in which to tell your story.  I hope you enjoy my video on how I’ve reinvented myself many times over from a small farm girl with Korean immigrant roots to a journalist, positioning consultant, Italian vacation entrepreneur, branding consultant and personal branding author.  You may not be born with the brand you want, but you can reinvent your personal brand to align with your goals and dreams.

Over the next few months, I will be posting new videos with tips on how to brand yourself.  So stay tuned!


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