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BrandingPays™ Services

Karen’s 20+ years of experience consulting with more than 150 companies on their positioning and brand strategies has been distilled into her unique BrandingPays™ process. After analyzing internal and external inputs, she facilitates interactive workshops around a strategy straw man for positioning and branding.
Although the process is structured, each workshop is customized to produce results in quick fashion. Not only will you get a final positioning and brand strategy in a set of presentation slides, but your team will be trained and inspired to execute!
Featured Services: The MINI for start-ups and Personal Branding seminars for employees.

Success Examples
The right positioning and brand strategy will help you dominate your market, go public or be acquired.
Here are just a few examples.

The Quicksilver Group (Zamba)
Undifferentiated in a crowded market for systems integration
Repositioned in a smaller niche it could own
Became market leader and grew from less than $1 million to $12 million in a few years. Rebranded the company when it merged with another small systems integration firm to expand market, and became a $50 million company before being acquired by PeopleSoft.

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