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Corporate Training for Personal Branding

She is an amazing coach and a knowledge expert who you will want to leverage for her unique expertise.

— Sun Microsystems, Legal Global Inclusion Council
Karen Kang

Help Employees Boost Their Careers with Personal Branding

Whether its retaining high-potentials or empowering diverse professionals to be more successful, BrandingPays for Personal Branding is the ideal curriculum and training method for companies. BrandingPays can do a one-time workshop, an in-depth series or an inspiring off-site facilitation for departments.

Web-Accessible Tools

BrandingPays™ Power Your Brand tools help participants to create, store and access their brand messages and action plans 24/7 from any Internet-accessible device. These easy-to-use, interactive tools are based on the BrandingPays curriculum. The tools are available to corporate clients that contract with BrandingPays for training.

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