Vision Leadership Provides the Forest for the Trees

istock_000003704088small2Thought leadership positioning (or vision leadership positioning) can be a powerful marketing tool for both start-ups and established companies.

Differentiate on a New Dimension

Many marketers can’t see the forest for the trees. Specifically, marketing teams often don’t see an opportunity to position their company in a thought leadership category. They are too busy focusing on market segmentation and differentiating on product features and benefits. Eventually all technology becomes commoditized, so the sooner companies learn to differentiate on other dimensions, the better.

Thought Leadership = Visioning Umbrella

Thought leadership, however, should not be pursued randomly. The best thought leadership programs are those that help your product offering by providing a provocative vision for 1) averting disaster or 2) enabling opportunities. Typically the vision should include where the industry is headed, the challenges that must be addressed and the solutions that can help. Companies can then unveil products or services under this visioning umbrella.

Accelerate Acceptance and Break Away from the Competition

Although implementing a thought leadership program can be time-consuming, the benefits are great, including:

• Creating a favorable context for your products
• Accelerating market acceptance
• Competitive differentiation through something intangible and not easily countered
• Media opportunities that come to recognized visionaries

So, what are you waiting for? Create a compelling vision of the forest so your trees can grow.


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