Top 10 Benefits of Positioning and Branding

Positioning and branding one’s company is something that many companies don’t bother to do. It takes some time up front to develop a strategy and a plan, and too often companies want to get going with implementation. Positioning involves targeting your customer and market segment, developing a compelling value proposition and differentiating your company against the competition. To begin executing on tactics before having a positioning strategy seems like folly, but countless companies do this every day.

Even fewer companies spend time thinking through how to deliver a brand experience that will create an emotional bond between the customer and you, leading to brand loyalty. But, look at the following list of benefits, and I think you’ll agree that taking the time to position and brand your company to your advantage pays big dividends, including:

1) Market’s understanding and preference for your brand
2) Lower cost of sales
3) Customer loyalty
4) Ability to charge higher premiums for products
5) Attracting the best partners and employees
6) Abundant publicity as a brand leader
7) Higher company valuation
8) Lower cost of capital
9) Positive halo effect that helps future products
10) Goodwill of the market

This is a no-brainer investment of time and money. It’s never too late to begin, so what are you waiting for?


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