Develop Brand Shorthand: Disney Beach

Never did I think that my retired neighbor would be the inspiration for my branding blog.  But, there he was clipping his white rose bush and gushing to me what a wonderful time he and his wife had with a grandchild on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean.

He described the gleaming new ship, the endless entertainment for all ages, and the huge musical theater with live shows based on Disney movies.  But, best of all was the private island in the Bahamas that Disney owned.

“You can imagine what it is like when Disney does a beach!” he said.

Indeed, I could.  Beautifully groomed sandy beaches, safe swimming in crystal clear water, cheerful Disney cast members, and all the amenities one would expect at an upscale family resort.

Wow, I wanted to go there myself.

Disney has a done a powerfully good job at branding.  I call it “brand shorthand” when someone can say, “Imagine if Disney did….(fill in the blanks),” and you immediately have an image of what that experience would be like.  It has enabled Disney to extend its brand from theme parks and movies to Broadway shows, cruises and a host of other products and services.

We can all learn something from Disney. What is the image, experience or feeling that your brand brings to mind? What is your brand shorthand?


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